Cherry Blossom Bliss

I have finally finished one last painting before I leave (in 6 DAYS) for Tanzania. :]

“Cherry Blossom Bliss” 

This beautiful piece of art is on a 11″ x 15″ inch cotton canvas.  


The Deep Red and Rustic black tie together wonderfully.

Bidding Starts at: $30 

(Shipping is not included.) 

All funds are going to help get me to Africa! :]

Thanks so much for your support! :]


59 Days.

59 Days until I step unto a plane – Africa bound.

Preparing has been going well.  Fundraising is going….slow, but moving along.

Thank You Everyone who is supporting me!  You all have been wonderful.  Helping in every way you can. Thank you. I am so looking forward to this opportunity!  And I’m thrilled to have such supportive people standing alongside of me.

My team now has a list of items we have been asked to bring with us.  We are also doing fundraising by selling Samaritan Cards. Which are cards a lot like gift cards.  You pay $20 and when you use the card at all the stores you already shop at (Target, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Macy’s, etc.) and it saves you money through all the discounts!  Awesome Deal. :]

Let me know if you would like to purchase one. :]  All the money goes toward getting me to Tanzania.

Again, Thank you all for your Support. And prayers.

This trip is going to be Life-Changing.  :]  And I’m beyond thrilled.

Peace & Love, Larisa


59 Days Left.


Smiles. And Support.

Hey Friends, Family, Soon-to-be Friends, Random People and Smiling Faces!

My Name is Larisa.  And this summer I’m taking a three week trip to Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa.  The purpose of the trip is to Bring Hope to the people there.  My team and I will be helping an All Boys home, which has been taking in boys off the streets and giving them new life.  Most of these boys are apart of the AIDS epidemic that is sweeping Africa and many other parts of the world.  These kids have lost parents and/or siblings due to this horrible disease.

As of right now, there are 12 people on my team, who will all be going to Tanzania.  For each of us, the trip is going to cost $3,500.  An amazing opportunity and experience.  (Though, it’s kinda a lot of money for a teenager to pull together. Exactly the reason for This Blog! 🙂 )  We will be going to spread Hope, show Love and give Freely.  Through things like: painting rooms, basic construction, holding Children’s Events, doing Crafts with the Kids, and just giving our ourselves in any way needed.

I am starting this blog to get the word out there…and more importantly, help raise funds.  I will be posting and SELLING some of my recent creations.  Mainly: Paintings…but who knows?  Maybe little extra special things will be on here from time to time. 🙂


I’ll have some up paintings up here soon 🙂

Peace and Love, Larisa